Still going strong!

I have been very busy with school over the past couple of weeks and trying to prepare my candles for our local community festival.  But, I am still working on getting everything together for the calculators.  I think the Etsy one is doing very well, and the eBay and PayPal calculators are also doing pretty good.  We have also broken the 2,000 mark when it comes to visitors!!!  Thanks again for using my site, I will continue to update and add new features!

Content Update…

I have pretty much finished my etsy calculator so I just need to double check a few calculations to make sure it is working properly and I also need to finish up the actual design portion of it.  My next venture I think is going to be an Amazon fee calculator, that might take me a week or two to work up after I finish my etsy calc.  I also plan on adding an “Additional Features” function to my eBay calculator and I want to try and have that done within the next week or so as well.  If you have any suggestions, just let me know.

Thank you again!

The website is working out great!  We have broke the 300 unique visitor mark, we have only been online for about a week, and I have had my web tracking installed for less than that!  This is great news for a newer website.

check it out!