Content Update…

I have pretty much finished my etsy calculator so I just need to double check a few calculations to make sure it is working properly and I also need to finish up the actual design portion of it.  My next venture I think is going to be an Amazon fee calculator, that might take me a week or two to work up after I finish my etsy calc.  I also plan on adding an “Additional Features” function to my eBay calculator and I want to try and have that done within the next week or so as well.  If you have any suggestions, just let me know.

Thank you again!

The website is working out great!  We have broke the 300 unique visitor mark, we have only been online for about a week, and I have had my web tracking installed for less than that!  This is great news for a newer website.

check it out! and Google Analytics…

Ugh… So I completely forgot to add my google analytics code to my website when I first uploaded it, and I just noticed today when it said “Total Visitors” = ZERO!!!  Oh well, I added back in just a few minutes ago, so hopefully it will show some promising numbers within the next couple of days!  This is definitely a lot of working trying to keep up with all the bugs and try to juggle school and a family at the same time.  But, I’m getting through it. Forgive me if I am a little absent over the next few days, I have a TON of work to do for school and I am on call all weekend for my job.  Wish me luck!

Check it out!

Features of

So I just checked my google analytics and it showed 18 unique visitors in my first 6 hours online!  How awesome is that?!  So I can’t decide which keywords are best?  ebay fee calculator, paypal fee calculator, ebay calculator, paypal calculator, if you have any ideas please comment.  So since I have the newest version online, I had to make a couple of corrections to the eBay calculator.  I had a couple of my percentages in the wrong place which was leading to some incorrect calculations, but I think the problem is fixed now!  I also have the PayPal Fee Calculator v 1.0 online now, I really wasn’t expecting to have it online until Saturday or Sunday, but I was able to finish it up after my clinical rotation today.

Up and Running!

So I have finally got the website where I want it!  I have the eBay fee calculator, the PayPal fee calculator, and the PayPal reverse fee calculator up and running!  There may still be a few bugs to work out when it comes to the calculators themselves, but I think it is looking great overall!  If you check out my site, please email me some feedback, I would really like to hear what you have to say!